Vohne Liche Kennels - References

This page will be updated with new references as and when they become available. Please check back soon for updates. If you would like to have your name added as a reference please contact Bobby Roettger at bobby@vohneliche.com or clicking here (email) giving your details.

Select a state or organization to see our domestic references:


  • AlabamaDeputy Herbert.
  • Coffee County Sheriff Deputy Mike Parrish.
  • Chambers Police Officer Tony Franks.
  • Eufaula Police.


  • AlaskaMaster Sergeant Shawn McLeod
  • Alaska Counterdrug Sgt. Greg Pealatere
  • Alaska Counterdrug Support Officer Huston
  • Wasilla Police Kevin Ehm
  • Anchorage Police


  • ArizonaLt Robert Handy, Phoenix Police.
  • Sgt Trent Crump, Phoenix Police.
  • Officer Brent Riojas, Sky Harbor Airport Police.
  • Rich Malocco, Phoenix Police.
  • Gary Schad, Tucson Police.
  • Steve Scifo, Glendale Police.
  • Carrie Castrovinci, Gledale Police.
  • Greg Chacon, Apache Junction Police.
  • Andrew Reinhardt, Prescott Police.


  • ArkansasOfficer Andy Lee IV, Bentonville Police.
  • Curtis Sinor, Baxter County Sheriff.
  • Guary Morgan, Bentonville Police.
  • Robby Rhoades, Arkansas State Police.
  • Ryan Jacks, Arkansas State Police.
  • Seth Higginbottom, Arkansas State Police.


  • CaliforniaSgt Gene Balentine, Modesto Police.
  • Sgt. Doug Roller, Los Angeles Police.
  • Officer Craig Bragdon, Burbank Police.
  • Officer Linda Travis, Los Angeles Police.
  • Officer Jan Flores, Manteca Police.
  • Officer Brad Phelps, San Diego.
  • Deirdra Hearn, LACPCA.
  • Investigator Renee Grand Pre, Los Angeles County.


  • ColoradoBrian Hempelmann, Westminster Police.
  • Greg Black, Douglas County Sheriff Office.
  • Gregory W. Howden, Douglas County Sheriff Office.
  • Jim Wonderlich, Arapahoe County Sheriff Office.
  • Tom Barrella, Douglas County Sheriff Office.
  • Tom Faurot, Lakewood Police.


  • DelawareCpl. Anderson, Delaware State Police.
  • Patrolman Mark R. Burton.


  • FloridaSgt Andrew Smith, Aventura Police.
  • Officer Gonzales, Wilton Manners Police.
  • Sgt. Tony Cavallaro, St. Lucie County.
  • Officer Pete Perez, North Miami Police.
  • Deputy Rick Voss, Okeechobee County Sheriff.
  • Al Smith, Broward County Sheriff.
  • Steve Sprouse, Broward County Sheriff.