Vohne Liche Kennels - Facilities

Our facilities are some of the finest in the industry.


You’ll find that we not only provide excellent conditions for the dogs, but the people as well! The Administration building is the central location for many facets of the training experience.

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  • Two large classrooms
  • Break Room
  • Bathing Facilities
  • Private Reading
  • Four Trainers Offices & Administration Offices
  • Fitness Center
  • And right is the Vohne Liche Kennels Retail Center that includes a complete line of training equipment.

The on-site obstacle course and kennels are just a stone’s throw away from the Administration Building. We have three large buildings capable of holding up to 150 dogs. Recent updating to these buildings brought us the latest kenneling technology. Heated floors, new high volume air handlers, European style runs which utilizes metal bar instead of chain link fence, attached grooming salons and veterinary inspection rooms.







Along with the Administration Building and kennels we also have a 200 x 40 indoor training facility set up with 10 rooms and a patrol area. Vehicles are just out side of the training building for narcotic/explosive detection and handler protection work.






Besides the on-site facilities we own many other training sites to include 3 different warehouses, 4 mobile homes, homes, a school with 45 classrooms and 18 acres. We have access to train at/on semi trailer lots, hotels, a lumberyard, jail, and city utility buildings just to name a few. They range from rural to urban and all of our scenarios are reality based. We try to expose the teams to as many real life experiences as they will encounter on the street.



Vohne Liche Kennels is proud to announce even greater availability of lodging at a significant discount to our students. At $55.00 per night the Vohne Liche Hotel offers hotel style lodging combined with a down home atmosphere. The recently remodeled hotel is located at Grissom Airforce Base in Peru, Indiana just twenty minutes from our facility. The hotel offers comfortable rooms with WI-FI and cable television, a front lobby with an ATM, break room, store, laundry facility on site, exercise room, lighted off street parking and kennel facility. We provide a cleaning service, but you are responsible for your own towels & personal grooming items.

The Vohne Liche Hotel now offers suites! For only $75.00 per night the newly remodeled building offers suites with living room, bedroom, bathroom, mini fridge, microwave, towels, and toiletries.

Off hours Entertainment: VLK owned and operated
“Red Rocket Club”
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